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Concert photography feature Michelle Grace Hunder at Ruel Concert



The MGH Masterclass takes you way beyond other photography courses and equips you with practical steps to pursuing a career in music photography. From picking up your first camera, to business structure, the MGH Masterclass can help you to make a living from shooting concerts and artist press shots. 

Sounds like fun, right?

Video Music Credit - Artist Soy is Real.

Hey I’m Michelle Grace Hunder, a professional music photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Over the past 10 years I’ve toured around the world with RUEL, worked for major record labels such as Sony and Warner Music and photographed the likes of Drake, Miguel and Billie Eilish.


  • Camera Basics
  • How to build your portfolio
  • Pathways to shooting both small and major shows
  • Charging for your work
  • Networking with industry professionals
  • How to streamline your editing workflow
  • The unwritten industry rules
  • Creative shooting in the studio
  • Your legal rights & copyright
  • Setting up your business


Over 20 Q&A’s with MGH, , 7 MGH live music Lightroom presets, bonus module for creative shooting for live music, 20% off Format discount code plus more.

Music photography for artist Ruel live music performance by Michelle Grace Hunder


Do you love taking photos, being in a creative environment and can’t get enough of live music? Then this course is for you! Can you imagine getting paid to create an album cover, document your favourite artists show, or to have your photo on a magazine cover. 

This masterclass is a comprehensive guide on how to become an in demand music photographer, based off the roadmap I used when starting my career. 

With lifetime and worldwide access, start your career in Music Photography today!

WAS $476 NOW $299 USD

Payment plans available


Want to focus on one area? My bundles are tailored to a specific area in your journey to becoming a music photographer.

Music concert photography artist Ruel live music performance by Michelle Grace Hunder

Learn three pathways into the industry and understand what it takes to be a music photographer.

Music concert photography artist Amy Shark live music performance by Michelle Grace Hunder

Learn the foundational camera skills, how to shoot your first show and the best way to navigate problems. 

$99 USD
Music press shots photography artist The Faim by Michelle Grace Hunder

Learn how to grow a successful business, find your creative voice and market yourself. Plus a discount code for Format.

$99 USD

Music press shots photography artist Citizen Kaye by Michelle Grace Hunder

Learn the importance of finding a studio and utilising lighting. Plus learn my simple and most requested lighting set up.

$129 USD
Music concert photography using a fractal by Michelle Grace Hunder

Learn how to network, streamline your workflow and deliver to clients. Includes 7 of my own Lightroom presets.

$149 USD
Michelle Grace Hunder at Big Pineapple photo by Mitch Lowe

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Such an amazing course for anyone wanting a career in Music Photography. If you are just starting out...you will gain sooooooo much insight into the industry. If you are experienced but want to take that next step in your career, this will be a fantastic refresher & also give you all the tools you need to run a successful business. Michelle has been so thorough and generous with sharing her extensive wealth of knowledge.



This is such a great course for anybody who's interested in upskilling their knowledge base and sharpening their direction in photography no matter what skill level. If you're just starting out, Michelle takes you through the basics of photography, and walks you through important steps that every photographer needs to know to further their understanding of the craft. For the more experienced, this will allow you to further evolve your business skills and will add great value to your overall understanding of the industry. From how to operate a camera, to understanding the importance of networking and mindset, this course is just what you need to level up.



I’ve been a music photographer for around 6 years now and wanted to take the next steps on my journey into turning my photography into a business. The Michelle G Hunder Music Photography masterclass takes you through the basics of learning a camera all the way through to marketing and promoting your brand through a variety of videos, text and self-completed actions. The course has shown me what I need to do to further my career and even reminded me of what i should be doing as well.



This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.